Wild Abalone Chestnut Jelly Cake

Happy Summer! As a brand from Taiwan, we know how hot it can get in Asia during these summer months. Our bodies get so overheated that we don’t even have the energy to make foods that require us to be in the kitchen around the hot stove. In fact, it is very well known that most people tend to avoid eating hot foods in general! To avoid heatstroke we’ve dedicated our Summer menu to mostly cold, refreshing foods that are easy to make, full of protein from our wild abalone, and also delicious of course!

This week, we were inspired by one of our followers on Instagram @shootandspoon (go check her out!) after she made her homemade water chestnut cake. It looked too good to pass up! We did our own take on the recipe and made our own version of water chestnut cakes with our wild abalone and some other fun ingredients. Cold gelatinous cakes are an easy way to bulk up your protein but still stay cool this summer. With double collagen power, this cold treat will be good for your body and your skin!


1 Can Calmex Wild Abalone

1 Box House Foods Cooking Jelly Powder

1 Can J-Basket Nameko Mushroom

1 Can Sunyo Vegetable Beans

1 Can Dynasty Water Chestnuts

1 Carrot for cute shapes/garnish

1 Serving of ikura fish eggs

1 Stalk of Green Onion (garnish)

Optional: Silicone jelly mold (or any dish that might hold your favorite shape)


Follow directions from the gelatin powder box. Each box will have different instructions. Add more gelatin based on how solid you want your jelly to be. Dissolve gelatin powder with warm to hot water, mix thoroughly. Don’t forget to add some abalone juice from the can to get that extra flavor!

Set the mixed gelatin aside, open up your Calmex Wild Abalone, and slice thinly and small enough to fit into your jelly molds. 

Align abalone along the sides and add a few Nameko Mushrooms, sprinkle some beans, water chestnuts, ikura fish eggs, carrots and some green onion evenly throughout the jelly mold. 

Pour your gelatin mixture into the mold carefully and rearrange toppings to your liking before placing jelly molds into your fridge.

Leave silicone trays in your fridge for instructed time on the gelatin box. Check back in a few hours to make sure it is getting harder. If it is still watery after a few hours, you may need to start over and add more gelatin! So please read the instructions on your gelatin pack carefully to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Test one of the jellies to make sure it has solidified before placing it in a fancy cocktail glass to wow your guests! Garnish with any microgreens or green onion and enjoy your cold, protein-packed treat.

Feel free to add your own toppings to make this recipe unique and tag @calmexbrand on IG to be featured this summer!