Seafood Holiday Pot Pie

You’ve heard of chicken pot pie even turkey pot pie made out of Thanksgiving leftovers but have you ever made seafood pot pie? It works perfectly well with a crispy pie crust and a flaky puff pastry! The easiest way to make this dish would be to use leftover clam chowder and add your favorite seafood items like shrimp, squid, and wild abalone of course! But we made the pot pie filling from scratch to infuse the flavors of our abalone brine and it worked out perfectly! You can use mini pie crusts for a personal pot pie or a regular size to share with the whole family for a Christmas appetizer.


1 can Calmex Wild Abalone (save the brine)

1 pie crust

1 puff pastry sheet

½-1 can of cream of potato

2 tablespoons of butter

4 teaspoons of flour

Frozen or fresh vegetables of your choice

Fresh, raw seafood of your choice
– Shrimp

– Squid

– Scallop

– Lobster

– Crab


Preheat oven to 350 first thing.

Prep and cut your veggies into bite size pieces. For a shortcut, feel free to use frozen veggies.

Open a can of Calmex wild abalone and save the brine on the side. Slice abalone into thin slices.

Wash, prep, peel, cut your other seafood items into bite size pieces as well.

Once the oven is preheated you can heat your puff pastry and pie crust at the same time.

Heat a pot over the stove with butter until melted. Add your veggies first and sautee until cooked thoroughly.

Slowly sprinkle flour into your buttered veggies to create a thick roux. Add more butter to sautee your seafood items. Everything but the abalone first since our wild abalone is already cooked through. 

The most important part is to slowly add the abalone can brine into the roux paste to make a creamy texture. The brine helps add more of a seafood flavor into your pie filling!

Then you can add your sliced piece of abalone at the end so it does not over cook.

Take out your partially baked pie crust careful not to burn yourself. Pour your seafood pie filling into the crust as much or as little as you would like and put back into the oven for another 8-10 minutes. (*be sure to check on your puff pastry to ensure it is not burnt)

At the end you may place your puff pastry sheet directly on top of your open faced pot pie and serve to your guests this holiday season! Puff pastry adds a nice floating crispy piece on top to ensure it does not get too soggy.

If the instructions are a bit too complicated feel free to check our TikTok account for a more easy to understand process @calmexbrand