DIY No. 3: Coasters!

Have you ever known that you will miss it once it is gone? That was our thought process when we wanted started the DIY series for our Calmex Wild Abalone can.

With every can of Wild Abalone that you open, memories are attached. All the fond memories, laughs, family-time, and kindness can now be preserved by turning your Calmex Wild Abalone can into crafts!

Resin crafts are a fun way to preserve memories by customizing and turning memorabilia into coasters, trays, and keychains. We love the detail of our can lid with the signature “Ship’s Wheel” (車輪牌™️) logo and how it displays as a coaster design.

What is Resin?

Resin is an organic compound that comes in liquid form. In order to harden, it usually comes in two separate containers which need to be mixed together to be made into the mold you pour it into. One part is the epoxy resin itself, the other is a hardener that magically turns liquid into solids overnight! 

Resin Myths Debunked

While often assumed that based on the substance that resin is made up of chemically, that it is regarded as a form of plastic. But actually, historically resin is collected from trees! Experts have said, “the common examples of resin are balsam, Canada balsam, balm of Gilead, and several others those trees that belong to the family of Dipterocarpaceae”. Resin has a long history rooting all the way back to the ancient age where it was being treated as prized substances and was given a religious value as well” (Difference between resin and plastic). Resin is mainly derived from plants whereas plastic is derived from petrochemicals. That being said, this does not mean your resin craft is biodegradable. But why would you (or a loved one) want to throw away a creation that you made yourself? If you make something yourself you would probably want to keep it forever!

Scientists have discovered a range of new thermoset resins made from renewable raw materials which are fully biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. 

So, if you decide to engage in resin activity opt-in for the non-toxic, nonhazardous options when shopping for resin kits. And to save the environment, make sure you don’t just throw away any resin projects.

Resin Tips

Go to your local craft store and see if they have any resin kits in stock. These kits come with everything you need including the resin liquid and hardener, gloves, some silicone cups for mixing, sometimes even dyes and glitter!

If not, you can always look online at sites like amazon since they typically ship globally.

Please follow the instructions to each resin kit because they may all be a little different depending on the brand.

Always use gloves! Once on your skin it may feel sticky and hard to take off but if you have any alcohol wipes or acetone handy you can wipe it off easily.

Silicone molds can be washed and reused but plastic cups may have to be thrown away. 

Small food scales help you measure out 1:1 ratios of resin/hardener correctly but if you do not have one you can eye-ball it and measure based on increments.

Always place some kind of paper or disposable table cover to protect your table from any residue. If you spill some its ok! You can still wipe it down immediately with alcohol wipes or acetone.

Be sure to wear a mask to avoid smelling the resin smell! If you get the non-toxic resin kits they will not make you lightheaded but it is still advised to wear a mask.

In order for the resin to set please leave over night for at least 10 hours. Gently poke exposed side of your resin craft to see if it has fully hardened.


  1. Place all resin kit items out on an open,covered table. 
  2. Pour equal parts resin epoxy and hardener in silicone or plastic cup.
  3. Stir slowly and smoothly to avoid bubble for about 2 minutes.
  4. For any colored crafts add a few drops of paint, mica powder (included in most resin kits), or glitter.
  5. Place your molds out and pour the resin liquid into your mold until slightly below the edge. Careful not to overflow!
  6. Add any stickers, dried flowers, beads as you like to customize your resin craft.

We were inspired by our 車輪牌™️ lid to make coasters for our Calmex-loving friends and family but you can always add whatever you want to preserve and use forever! We also have a video of our process on our Tiktok account, @calmexbrand! Feel free to watch the video and be inspired to make your own Calmex resin coaster (or any other resin craft)!