DIY No. 2: Calmex Can Planter

Since our Calmex pink cans are so aesthetic, it would be a shame just to throw them away! With the beautiful iridescent abalone shell design, we love how retro the can looks – so why not preserve it into something you can look at all the time!

In sunny Los Angeles, where Calmex HQ resides, succulent plants are popular because they are a local plant that do not require too much watering or moisture in the air to survive. We thought our pink cans would be a perfect home for these little succulents.

We were inspired by cute, upcycled planters found at eco-friendly, local cafes. So take your favorite empty canned food and let’s get planting!

DIY No. 2: Calmex Can Planter


  • Empty cans of Calmex Wild Abalone
  • Loose organic dirt
  • Plants of your choice (we used succulents)
  • Rocks


  1. Take your can and empty any contents inside and make sure to thoroughly wash so there is no leftover food scent.
  2. Lay a small layer of rocks on the bottom of the can (to reduce the chances of root rot)
  3. Fill can halfway with loose organic dirt and moisten it with some water.
  4. Gently de-root your succulent and massage the roots lightly.
  5. Place de-rooted succulent inside of the half-full can just so the top of the plant is peeking out. Sprinkle more dirt on top to cover the entire plant. 
  6. Add decorative planter rocks to give it a finished look and you did it! An original Calmex Wild Abalone succulent planter! Leave it by the kitchen or bathroom window so it gets plenty of sunlight and so you can look at it every day.
  7. Posts pictures of your planter DIY and tag us for a chance to be featured!

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