DIY No. 1: CAN-dle!

If you love our pink can just as much as we do, you’d want to preserve it forever! No need to throw your can into the recycle bin once you eat all the delicious abalone inside. Consider making it into a gift for your Calmex abalone lover.

We want to honor Earth Week and came up with some fun crafts to make with our Calmex pink can that everyone in the family can do!

What is Upcycling?

You’ve heard of RE-cycling but have you heard of upcycling? This act of resuing material in a way to create higher quality or value than the original product. Although our abalone is the culinary treasure within the can itself, you can’t eat the can so we thought we would make it into something prettier.

Making Candles At Home

Making candles can be more fun than buying them at the store! It’s a fun and easy activity that allows you to add your own favorite scents to enhance your home decor. Some candles may be too scented and strong but when you make your own candles you can adjust the scent however you like. We opted in for 100% pure beeswax to make our candles because it is the most eco-friendly option with no harsh chemicals or dyes. It is derived naturally from bees that secrete this substance to make their hives stronger. Professional beekeepers are able to separate honey and beeswax to make the most out of their hives and reuse them in ways that would otherwise be put to waste. So, in honor of Earth Week we wanted to use a natural product for our crafts we hope you do too!

Materials Needed

Empty Calmex Abalone Cans

100% pure beeswax chips


Candlewick holder 

Essential oils of your choice


Please follow the directions given by any beeswax product. Ours recommended boiling a pot of water and melting the wax in a glass container. Do not pour beeswax directly into a pot on direct heat.

Stir occasionally on medium heat typically about 10 minutes per batch.

Meanwhile, set your candle wick in a washed and dried Calmex Abalone can. A wick holder will keep the wick in place while you pour the melted beeswax but if you don’t have one maybe a pair of chopsticks and tape will do just fine! (example of candlewick holder in photo)

Be sure to use oven mitts or a towel to pick up the hot glass container careful not to burn yourself.

Pour beeswax into an empty candle vessel carefully. Fill up just enough before hitting your candle wick holder (about half an inch below the top of the can). 

Add about 5-8 drops of essential oil of your choice and mix a few times before leaving the wax to harden overnight for about 8 hours or until the wax is fully hardened.

Add a cute pink ribbon or bow if you plan to gift it to a friend or family member!