Abalone “Sashimi”

You got us!

Sure – our Calmex Wild Abalone comes cooked in the can; who says once sliced our Wild Abalone can’t be served like sashimi?

The simplest way to eat Calmex Wild Abalone would be of course to eat it straight out of the can! Our abalone comes already precooked in the can so you won’t have to worry about the prep. Caught-wild and canned fresh while preserved in its own broth, canned abalone is just as good as the ones you may see at the fish market but ours will last longer in the can.

If you want a healthy and simple snack we recommend you try Calmex Wild Abalone Sashimi to really taste the natural flavors of our product.


1 can Calmex Wild Abalone

1 tsp of salmon roe

Japanese mayo

1 carrot cut into flowers (for garnish *optional)

2 chives cut small (for garnish *optional)


Gently open Calmex Wild Abalone can with a can opener.

Choose however many abalones you would like to use for this dish. 

Slice in half, then thinly slice desired pieces until the whole abalone is used.

Plate sashimi in any way, drizzle Japanese mayo to your liking, sprinkle salmon roe, carrot flowers, and chives.

Serve and enjoy!