Abalone Mentaiko Cream Pasta

Mentaiko, aka cod eggs, are often used in Asian cuisines and known for its rich, flavorful texture and taste. We incorporated our Calmex Wild Abalone into this dish because we thought it would pair perfectly with the creaminess of the pasta and the seafood flavor of the mentaiko.

We hope the Tiktok of this dish inspires you to try this easy and impressive dish!


1 can Calmex Wild Abalone

Pasta of your choice

Mentaiko Cream Sauce:

2 pieces of cod roe eggs

1 teaspoon of Japanese mayo

1 tablespoon of half & half or cream

1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese

Reserve ½ cup of pasta water


1 sheet of nori

3-5 leaves of shiso

A sprinkle of salmon eggs (optional)


Boil your pasta as per package instructions.

Take your wild abalone and slice to your preferred thickness. (Thinner slices means more to share!)

Prepare the cream sauce as pasta boils. Scrape off the eggs from the clear egg casing from the cod roe into a bowl. Mix with Japanese mayo, half & half, and parmesan cheese until thick, creamy texture.

Once pasta is done add to large bowl with a drizzle sesame oil (to prevent noodles from sticking) and mix the cream sauce until evenly distributed throughout.

Top with abalone, salmon eggs, a sprinkle of nori and shiso leaves and enjoy with your guests!

Link to the Tiktok of this recipe: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDT7WSr/