Abalone and Vegetable Tempura Recipe

Have you ever tried deep fried abalone? We haven’t! We thought we would try it out in the Calmex Kitchen. Generally, everything is good deep friend so we wanted to experiment. We fried some other summer veggies with our abalone but you can deep fry almost anything! 


1 Can Calmex Wild Abalone

1 Box Pre-made Tempura Flour

Frying Oil (vegetable, or canola oil)

1 Husk of Corn

1-2 Japanese Eggplant

1-5 Slices of Lotus Root

1-4 Pieces of Shiso Leaves

Tempura Dipping Sauce


First, heat your deep frying pan with the oil of your choice about 2 cups should be a deep enough vessel for frying vegetables.

While the oil is heating, clean and prep cut your vegetables. De-husk your corn into little pieces, thinly slice your eggplant lengthwise, and thinly slice your lotus root horizontally.

Follow the directions of your tempura flour box. Some require soda water to activate the yeast but the one we used recommended cold water and keeping it cold over ice if you can. The colder the tempura batter the thicker the paste to deep fry your items extra crispy!

To check to see if the oil is hot enough add one kernel of corn to see it float back up to the top. Or if you have a temperature measurer the oil should be heated between 340-360F.

Coat your eggplant generously with tempura batter, add to the oil and keep watching it as it cooks through. About 1 minute per side, maybe a little more if you want it crispier. Carefully take out the oil and let it absorb and cool on a drying rack or on paper towels.

Same process with lotus root.

Shiso leaves are very delicate and fragile and do not need to be in the oil for too long. A few seconds on each side should be the perfect amount of time (or else they will burn)!

In a separate bowl, combine the corn kernels and some of the tempura batter and mix it all together and form clumps. Drop the corn clumps into the deep frying oil and they should stick together. Flip after a few minutes to get a golden crisp color.

Lastly, open up your can of Calmex Wild Abalone and thinly slice. You want to deep fry the abalone last so that it can be fried fresh for you and your guests. Careful not to leave the abalone in the oil for too long because they can become a very tough and chewy texture. So just 1 minute on each side should be enough to cook through.

Mix your tempura base with some hot water and serve on a tray with all of your tempura fried items and enjoy this delicious snack outside in the fresh breeze!